Alpha Tau Omega Oregon State University
2015 Rush Class
About Alpha Tau Omega - A note from the president

Alpha Tau Omega was founded in 1865 following the end of the Civil War. The reason ATO was formed was to unite the youth of the recently divided North and South in an attempt to repair the country. Nationally ATO is America’s Leadership Fraternity which offers all undergraduate members the opportunity to improve themselves as leaders and as individuals. The National Fraternity offers multiple leadership retreats, one of which, Altitude, allows members to develop their leadership skills while rock- climbing in Colorado.

Here at Oregon State University ATO is the oldest Chapter on campus, being chartered in 1882. Locally we are a house with roots that run deep with tradition. Along with developing our members to be current and future leaders our Chapter culture revolves around the close-knit brotherhood we share. We are more like a family than a fraternity and welcome genuine individuals with love and respect for all those around them.

Whether somebody is looking for social connections, professional connections, opportunities to give back to the community, leadership development opportunities, or just life-long friendships, Alpha Tau Omega can offer all of those things and more to those who are part of our unique Brotherhood.

Chapter President

Carter Marr


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