Alpha Tau Omega Oregon State University
Spring Rush Spring rush is happening! For current students interested in ATO, don't miss your chance to visit the house and meet our members the week of April 4th. We will be having events at the house (309 NW 26th st) every night all week! Below is the schedule for spring rush.

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Why Alpa Tau Omega? A Note From the Recruitment Chair Our chapter is unique on campus in many aspects. Being a smaller sized house, we have an incredibly close sense of brotherhood. There is no class divide between older and younger members, everyone hangs out with everyone. A perk of our current size of about 40 members is that your voice is heard and you can get in on the ground floor of something that is great. Our chapter offers close friendships and a great group of guys to support you when you need it. -Kevin Hanna, Recruitment Chair, 209 992 9341